At Wheelbarrow Farm we raise our pigs on semi-forested pasture land. As opposed to conventional confinement operations, pasture allows the animals to move about freely, graze and dig for food and benefit from sunshine and fresh air.

We raise a Berkshire heritage breed that is healthier and more flavourful than the pigs raised in factories today. Raising a healthier breed means we don't rely on medication or antibiotics. The Berkshire is known for it's intermuscular fat ('marbling') which infuses the meat with extra pork flavour.

How to order pork:
We sell pork in packages of 10lbs, 20lbs, 35lbs (quarter pig), 70lbs (half pig). Contact us to order your package today. We also sell select cuts at all of our Toronto markets.
Price per pound (Toronto delivery):
$6.50 1/2 pig
$6.75 1/4 pig
$7.00 20 lbs mixed pork
$7.50 10 lbs mixed pork
Example Package 10lbs:
1lb Sausage, 2lbs Ground pork, 1lbs Ribs, 2lbs Chops, 1lb Bacon, 3lb Roast
Example Package 70lbs:
8lb Sausage, 10lbs Ground pork, 7lbs Ribs, 10lbs Chops, 6lb Bacon, 15lb Roasts (butt, shoulder, ham), 5lb bones, 3lb Hocks, 4lb Peameal, 1lb Tenderloin
Market Prices per Cut
You can also buy select cuts at one of our markets or at the farm store.
Bacon $9/lb
Tenderloin      $12/lb
Roasts $6/lb
Chops $7/lb       
Ribs $6.50/lb
Ground $6/lb
Peameal  $9/lb